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How to write great text messages for your gym members

How to write great text messages for your gym members
Written by ALEXANDRA Published on 2023-03-07 4 minutes read

Text messages are a great way to communicate with your gym members because it's easy to send, fast and has a huge open rate.

How many times have you left a text message you received unopened? Well, everyone has at least one phone that they constantly check, and text messages are harder to ignore.

Unlike the rest of the direct communication channels, such as email or app notifications, SMS requires neither technical knowledge on the part of the recipient nor an Internet connection.

Therefore, a message sent via SMS has more chances to reach the recipient and be opened and read.

The main disadvantage of this channel is that you can only send a short message without pictures or other resources. At the same time, sending a message also involves additional costs because you must use the services of a sending operator.

However, SMS marketing can yield good results if you know how to use this channel.

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How to set up a text message marketing strategy

Just like any marketing campaign, text messages also need a strategy. However, you don't need to schedule every SMS you plan to send in the coming months ahead of time.

However, I recommend setting up some guidelines, especially if you're working with a larger marketing team.

First, decide which messages are appropriate for this communication channel.

Since it incurs an additional cost for each message sent, sending an SMS to confirm each class booking is unnecessary. You have automated emails for that.

Conversely, if you have an offer on certain memberships, you should definitely text your members about this.

Also, if you have to change the club's operating hours, especially if the change is immediate, it is good to send an SMS to the members affected by this change.

Another important consideration is when you send these messages. Since an SMS is sent immediately and doesn't depend on the recipient doing anything to receive the message, you must carefully choose the time of day you send it.

As with in-app notifications, nothing is important enough to send a text message in the middle of the night or early in the morning. Instead, set a time interval in which messages can be sent.

For example, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. During these times, the chances of disturbing your members are lower.

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How to write a text message

A text message has only two elements:

  • The phone number from which it is sent
  • The content of the message

For the phone number from which the message is sent, you don't have many options. It is usually a short four-digit number.

I suggest registering an identifier with the name of your gym within 11 characters. That way, when the member receives the message, they will see your club's name instead of a short number. That way, the message is more personalized, and they don't have to figure out who sent him the SMS. Registering this custom identifier involves an initial cost, after which you can use it indefinitely, depending on the area where you live.

As for the content, this is where your writing skills come into play. You have 140 characters, including punctuation and spaces between words. So, use them wisely.

As with in-app notifications, it is not necessary to use formal language. Text messaging is an informal channel through which you must convey the message directly and as succinctly as possible.

Also, don't try to include more than one topic. So, if you want to notify members about a great membership offer, do not include in the same message that you re-opened the pool. Instead, send the second message later, preferably at least a few hours apart.

Don't forget to include a call to action. Do you have an offer on memberships? Encourage them to buy that membership to take advantage of the special price. Do you have a new referral program? That's great! Tell them to bring as many friends as possible to the gym.

Use colloquial and friendly language without too many descriptive words. Of course, the member must immediately understand what you are trying to convey. Don't forget you can also use emojis if you think they're useful. Just don't use them too much.

SMS templates that you can use at your gym

If you don't yet have a strategy for your SMS marketing campaigns, I'll leave you with a few templates you can use at your club.

Welcome new members

Welcome to Panther Fit! We are glad you chose our fitness club, and we are here for whatever you need. Have a great workout!

When you organize an event

Do you have weekend plans? Register on our website for the Yoga in the Park event. Participation is free, but the spots are limited. Hurry up!

Celebrate a member's goal

Wow! You have just attended the 100th BodyPump class. Congrats! You are awesome!

Membership expiration alert

Attention, your membership is about to expire in a few days. So don't forget to renew it online for special discounts.

Discount on a certain membership

We have launched new summer sales. Now you have a 20% discount on all full-time memberships. Renew it directly on our website!

Discount codes for memberships

Use the code DISCOUNT25 the next time you renew your membership online, and you'll get a surprise.

Reminder for unused services

Don't forget you still have 3 unused PT sessions that expire this month. So come to the gym to schedule your next training session!

Contact an inactive member

Because we are missing you terribly, we're gifting you 30% off your 3-month membership if you use the code COMEBACK when you shop online. We are waiting for you!


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