This website would like to offer their users up to date and complete information. However, all information, advice or any other kind of data published on UPfit.cloud or other product made and promoted by UPfit.cloud should not be taken as an official consultancy activity or any mediation.

UPfit.cloud cannot be held accountable, in any way, for any damages incurred on its users after using information provided by UPfit.cloud.

Terms and conditions for accessing UPfit.cloud website

Please read this document carefully. By accessing the UPfit.cloud website at https://upfit.cloud/, known from now on as “UPfit.cloud”, or any other way of accessing the content of this website, you are hereby requested to comply with the terms of this document, on which you have agreed upon.

If you do not agree with the terms of this document, we urge you to leave UPfit.cloud and no longer access this website. Any further access of UPfit.cloud will be considered as an acceptance of all the terms and conditions specified in this document.

The terms of this documents were updated on August 7th, 2018.

1.Protection of intellectual property

The content and design of UPfit.cloud, as well as any other resources connected to UPfit.cloud sent via email or through other any other mean (like articles, design and any other resource that will be known from now on as “UPfit.cloud content”), belong to UPfit.cloud and its partners and collaborators – when said information is expressly specified (copyright) and are protected by the copyright law. You cannot use, copy or allow anyone else to use or copy UPfit.cloud resources without written permission from UPfit.cloud.

2.Using UPfit.cloud content

You can copy or print UPfit.cloud content only for personal use, without commercial intent. Apart from the terms stated above, UPfit.cloud content cannot be duplicated, changed or exploited, whether the purpose for this exploitation is commercial or not.

The actions drawn up below are not permitted without written authorization from UPfit.cloud.

  • Duplicating and saving UPfit.cloud content, as well as sending said content to any other website, server or any other mean of data storage
  • Changing, publishing, sending, selling, and distribution of content created by using UPfit.cloud content, wheatear that is copied, edited, or just by displaying said content, without any prior written authorization from UPfit.cloud.
  • Eliminating signs and marks from UPfit.cloud content, that represents UPfit.cloud’s royalties

Any other usage of UPfit.cloud content, except those permitted by this document, is prohibited. You can send a request to use UPfit.cloud content in another way than those permitted by this document to our email address: contact@upfit.cloud

3.Website access suspension

UPfit.cloud can suspend or stop access to UPfit.cloud content or part of its content, without any other notice or formality, without having to explain its decision.

4.Website changes

UPfit.cloud reserves the right to suspend, change, update or delete, at any time, parts of its content or to change product prices without prior notice. Any order made on this website is not an implicit agreement for processing and delivering said order. The processing of an order is made according to availability and the company’s internal policy. Also, UPfit.cloud reserves the right to restrict access to parts of its content, or the entire content.

5.Privacy policy

The information you provide UPfit.cloud about you will be used according to UPfit.cloud’s Privacy Policy.


Though we do everything in our power, at all times, to ensure the quality and correctness of the articles published on its website, UPfit.cloud cannot guarantee, expressly or implicitly, the accuracy of its content, of its products and services published under UPfit.cloud’s brand UPfit.cloud will not be held accountable, in any situation, for any damages that incurred directly or indirectly, for any loss of profit, directly or indirectly (including, but not limited at damages for profit lost, business close down or any other financial damages), incurred after using or no longer using our website or services provided by our website, or incurred by the lack of accuracy of the information provided on our website, despite the fact that UPfit.cloud already warned against using this information without a professional consultant.

7.Force majeure (an act of God)

UPfit.cloud, its affiliates or its information providers cannot be made responsible for any delay or error in the content provided by UPfit.cloud, which directly or indirectly resulted from motives that do not depend on UPfit.cloud’s will. This exoneration includes but is not limited to the malfunctioning of UPfit.cloud’s technical equipment, lack of internet connection, lack of phone connection, viruses, unauthorized access to UPfit.cloud’s servers and systems, operational error, strikes and more.


Changing the terms of this agreement

UPfit.cloud has every right to change the terms of this agreement, without notice or any other formality. When these terms are changed, UPfit.cloud will make that information available on its homepage. Accessing the website and using UPfit.cloud services after that notification regarding changing the terms and conditions represent your agreement on the new terms of this agreement.

Moreover, some services provided by UPfit.cloud can be the object of different terms, which will be published for each said service in a visible place, that can be accessed before using said service.

Publishing and using content provided by third parties

Parts of UPfit.cloud content can be provided by third parties with which UPfit.cloud has special agreements. Also, adverts and third-party advertising content can be embedded into UPfit.cloud content. UPfit.cloud is in no way responsible for the content provided by third parties, whether it is promotional or not. UPfit.cloud is also not responsible for the content of pages linked to UPfit.cloud content.


Any notification for UPfit.cloud must be sent in writing, through post or fax, at the address provided on this website.

9.The governing law

The rights and responsibilities of all parties, required by this document, as well as all juridical effects of this agreement, will be interpreted and governed by the present Romanian law. Any lawsuit on this agreement will be brought before Romanian courts.