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Increase sales with online memberships

Even if a fitness center is, by definition, a business based on human interaction, face to face, that doesn't mean members won't appreciate more straightforward options to renew their membership. An online sale system is one of the most valuable digital tools a gym can have in its arsenal. And not just because it provides members with infinitely easier ways to purchase services but also because it simplifies your team's work at the front desk.

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Everything you need for a successful launch

How to open a fitness center

A fitness center is not exactly the easiest business to launch and manage, but if you have a good strategy, it will bring many satisfactions, including financial ones. The process of opening a gym doesn't stop when you have picked the location, purchased equipment, and hired trainers. Therefore, it is crucial to have a well-thought plan regarding managing your new fitness club, apart from logistical operations. You just have to consider a few aspects before you open the doors to your new fitness center.

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Manage your gym members easier

Member management simplified

Membership management is one of the most important aspects of a fitness club because it is its primary revenue. Many fitness operators tend to focus on the list of memberships sold instead of the people who purchased them. It is far more important to have a general overview of the people who buy memberships at your gym than a particular number of memberships sold in the medium and long term.

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Automate the access in your gym

Access control systems for gyms

An efficient access control system should allow your team to focus on improving member experience and not act as a guardian at the entrance. There are various solutions for gyms that provide different levels of security. When you choose the right solution for your fitness club, it is crucial to consider several factors, from the number of active members to the level o security you need, the atmosphere of your gym, and how members visit the club. Don't forget to make sure your solution is fully integrated with your management software to use the system at its true potential.

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Are you struggling to increase the number of new members joining your fitness center?

There is an easier way to get more members! Communicate efficiently with them through automated emails, provide them the option to purchase memberships online, delight them with a professional mobile app and member account, and surprise them with fast services at the reception desk.

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Maintain a close connection with your members

Improve retention with efficient communication

The community that forms around your fitness center is vital for your business' success and revenue. And a loyal community cannot be fostered without strong communication with members. Therefore, make sure you use all the tools available to you to cultivate a long-lasting relationship with your members by constantly communicating with them, even when they are not in the gym.

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How to manage your club's front desk

Streamline your gym's reception desk

It is so easy to transform your gym's reception desk into the best ambassador of the quality of your services. It's a one-time effort that will have benefits for a long time. Therefore, pay enough attention to your front desk and make sure your members are impressed when they step into your club for the first time. That means you have a professional team that is relaxed, always smiling, and capable of solving any problem. However, this will be difficult to achieve if your employees don't have the necessary tools to make the very best impression

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Expand your gym with the latest digital solutions

Gym digitization for everyone

For fitness clubs, digitization means more than just using management software. One of the most important aspects of a gym's digitization is providing members with the option of managing their own activities. The most significant benefit of this system is that members can perform many tasks at any given moment, and your employees' work will be significantly reduced. That way, your team can focus on the experience members have at your gym and don't waste time with admin tasks.

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How to increase the sales volume of your fitness club

Sales strategies that are easy to use

One of the most important aspects of managing a gym is the sales process, no matter its type or size. Even if you manage a famous club with many years under your belt, that doesn't necessarily mean that sales work independently. All sales strategies must be constantly improved. Therefore, you must give them the necessary attention.

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Marketing for fitness clubs

Marketing ideas for any gym

When it comes to marketing for gyms, the main objective of a strategy should be sales. Of course, good marketing helps brand awareness and builds reputations, but, at the end of the day, a club's success is measured in profit, not the number of likes. That is why it is crucial to layout a good marketing strategy that will help you recruit as many new members as possible. Does it look complicated? Don't worry, it's not. With just a handful of actions, you can quickly increase the number of new members without large budgets.

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Easily organise group X classes and personal training sessions

Group classes & personal training

Group classes are a brilliant investment for any kind of fitness center. All studies show that members who attend classes are more likely to renew their membership. In addition, the community built around these activities motivates members to keep training more often and even bring their friends. Meanwhile, personal training is a valuable resource for any club if these services are appropriately managed. Therefore, pay close attention to all these services, and you'll see your retention rate improving significantly, and so will your revenue.

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Free guides for your gym

We have created a series of free guides that will help expand your gym: advice on increasing sales, lead management, optimising your online marketing strategy, creating a corporate program, and so much more. There are dozens of e-books and guides with useful information and ideas for ambitious gyms, that are willing to use all the tools available to grow their business and recruit more members.

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Software that perfectly adapts to your gym's activity

Each gym is unique. That is why has a wide range of services, tools, and features that perfectly match your business.

Regardless of how you manage your gym or fitness club activity, can be customized so it's easy to use for your team and simple for your members.