Recruit more members, with a custom mobile app
Spend fewer resources for member management

Recruit more members, with a custom mobile app

No exorbitant costs, no headaches

A simple and affordable solution for your gym is an intuitive mobile app for members, that doesn't require development and maintenance costs. With the mobile app, members have greater control over their activity at the gym and can perform specific tasks themselves, decreasing the work volume of your employees.

Mobile apps are prevalent in all markets, and the fitness industry is no exception. With a mobile app, your members and potential clients have easier access to your gym, and they can quickly find out the information they need without having to contact the front desk.

The mobile app is also the most comfortable solution for members to book classes and renew their membership. This digital solution increases the members’ trust in your brand because they appreciate the fact that you are providing fast and easy methods to manage their activity. is the easiest way to provide your members with all these benefits, without having to invest large budgets in a custom app, that you also must update and maintain regularly.

A simple and affordable solution for your gym
Perfectly complements your gym can be configured swiftly, with your gym’s logo and branding

We make sure the app matches your gym’s branding, and it’s easy to recognize by your members.

  • is a free app for gym members, available in App Store, Google Play and Huawei AppGallery
  • We update the app is constantly, at no extra cost for you, and we frequently add new features
  • The online payment system is fully integrated into the app, which means members can renew their membership even faster
  • The app contains a digital member card as a QR code, that can be used for the check-in at the front desk or in access control systems
  • The class schedule is updated automatically, according to the changes done in, which means members have access to the latest version of the schedule
  • Potential clients can create a member account from the app, and they can activate their first membership in seconds
  • You can publish blog posts, special promotions, and useful information for members directly from the platform
  • All tasks performed by members in the app are saved automatically in
Eliminate queues at the reception desk with the digital member card
Member check-in in just a few seconds

Eliminate queues at the reception desk with the digital member card

Streamline the member check-in, using the digital member card in the app. The entire process takes less than 20 seconds, and the digital member card can be included in an access control system, like turnstiles or barriers.

The QR code in the app is unique, and it constantly regenerates, so that the digital member card cannot be used by multiple people, for access control systems that don’t require front desk check-in. Additionally, the management system saves the device ID at check-in, and if the app is used by the same user on multiple devices when checking in, the platform flags it.

This way, you can set up access control systems that don’t require members to interact with your employees. Your gym can even be opened non-stop, without dealing with long queues or any other access issues.

Would you like your members to use the app as well?

Request a demo, and we’ll show you all the features of the member app and how they are connected to That way, you’ll better understand the benefits of the app and how easy it is to use it.


Increase the class attendance rate with online bookings from the app
Class attendance means membership renewal

Increase the class attendance rate with online bookings from the app

The class schedule set up in the gym management software is displayed in real-time in the app. It is automatically updated with all changes made on the platform. This way, members have access to the updated class schedule any time, and they can book their favorite classes in just a few seconds, no matter where they are.

  • the class schedule is updated in real-time, and you don’t have to publish changes on your website or social media manually
  • bookings are made with just a push of a button
  • the booking confirmation is immediate, and if the member is on the waiting list, they are made aware of this
  • members can keep track of their bookings, including past ones
  • canceling a booking is just as simple
  • all actions are saved in, in the member profile and the class schedule
  • members receive push notifications when bookings for their favorite classes are open, or before booked classes start
Sell memberships and services anytime, anywhere

Increase your profit by selling memberships online

The member app can be used for membership renewal or for buying services. The online payment is made using a bank card, in partnership with an online payment processing platform.

Members select the membership or service clipcard type they want or just click on the button to renew the current membership. Then they can pay for it on the spot using their bank card.

The online payment processing is done quickly, and after it is confirmed, the membership or the service bought is activated. At the same time, members are emailed their contract and fiscal invoice for the transaction. The entire flow is automated, and your team doesn’t have to do anything.

New members can register online using the app. They can buy a membership or service, pay for it online, and they will immediately receive the log in information for the app. All these actions are saved in the management system, including the new member profile.

They already have the digital member card in the app, which means they can check-in immediately when they visit the gym the first time, without having to fill in or sign documents at the front desk.

Increase your profit by selling memberships online
More benefits than you can imagine

Why should you have a member app?

Online services make gyms stand out in a very competitive market.

Recruit more members

The mobile app is a sales agent that never takes a break

Enhance member experience

Expand your community, even when your members are not in the gym

Efficient upselling

Send special offers directly to your members, and they can make purchases on the spot

Save resources

Members can make book their classes, cancel bookings, and renew their membership which means less work for your team

We are delighted they are part of the family

Our clients' opinion

Top-of-the-range software for excellent results

Software that perfectly adapts to your gym's activity

Each gym is unique. That is why has a wide range of services, tools, and features that perfectly match your business.

Regardless of how you manage your gym or fitness club activity, can be customized so it's easy to use for your team and simple for your members.

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