Online video workouts to gain your members' loyalty
Launch your own online channel with video workouts

Online video workouts to gain your members' loyalty

Help your members train anywhere they might be

Provide members with online workouts right now

No matter the situation of your gym, you can provide members services, even when they are home, with a video library with workouts. The video-on-demand system is easy to set up, and you can launch the services almost immediately. Video workouts are a great opportunity to engage members. After the situation generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, members want online solutions that provide more options for when and more importantly, where they train. Flexibility regarding the moment and place where people workout is the new standard.

A gym should not be just a place for workouts. It has to be the drive behind incredible results through motivation and determination. Success belongs to brands that understand this, and provide members with everything they need to continue their workouts no matter what. The answer is not to take a stand against home workouts and to try to force members to come to your gym. The solution is to provide members with the option of training at home, with a simple and user-friendly platform.

You don't have to invest in complex systems. Using the platform, all you have to do is to focus on creating videos for your members.
It's easy to deploy and yields long-term benefits!

A benefit for your members

A workout video library is a one-time effort that is available to current and future members

Increase sales

You can provide workout videos for free or at a cost, with just a few simple settings in the platform

Gain trust

Your members receive an extra benefit that will cement their loyalty and trust in your services and your team's expertise

Empower your community

Motivate your members and offer practical info non-stop, no matter where they are

It's a 24/7/365 perk

Online workouts are available all the time, even when the gym is closed

Expand on a global level

Your workout videos can recruit potential clients or new members from all over the world

Have you decided to launch online video workouts for your members, but you don’t know where to start?
Have you decided to launch online video workouts for your members, but you don’t know where to start?

If you want to create a workout video library for your members only, download the free resource pack that will help you organize your efforts faster. That way you’ll be able to launch this service as soon as possible. The package contains a guide with all the information you need to set up this service, a detail project plan and a checklist for your trainers.


Integrations with different video platforms

Film the workout and immediately publish it online for your members has integrations with a wide variety of video hosting platforms, which means you can make the best choice for your business depending on its needs and budget.

The videos are uploaded on Vimeo, YouTube or any other video hosting platform. Then you can publish them in the online member account, directly from

Video workouts can be free of charge, or they can be available to active members. People interested can self-register and access free video workouts instantly.

Members can watch your workouts anywhere they are and with any gadget - laptop, tablet, phone or even smart TV.

Film the workout and immediately publish it online for your members
Train your members everywhere with a state-of-the-art platform
Video library in an exceptional format

Train your members everywhere with a state-of-the-art platform

The video workout library is integrated into the online member account, and it is accessible to both members and people who are not members yet. That way, online workouts are your brand's ambassador. From a location for workouts, your gym will transform into an online brand.

Online workouts are a perfect way for your members to continue training anywhere they might be. They can access the videos from any place, at any time.

Reinforce your relationship with members

Your gym's vibe in every place of the world

With online workouts, members can enjoy the vibe of your gym and your trainers' expertise, wherever they might be. Once the online fitness has gain momentum, it is necessary that your gym can engage members exactly where they are.

  • Provide members with content they can access from anywhere
  • Create workout videos useful for members
  • Members can train anywhere even on vacation
  • Promote your gym with videos that highlight your team's expertise
  • Create content once, and deliver it to current and future members
Your gym's vibe in every place of the world
Would you like to launch online workout videos with

Request a demo to see exactly how to set up a workout video library and see how amazing it looks the online member account.


We can help you get results faster

The complete guide for creating ONLINE WORKOUT VIDEOS

Creating a workout video library for your members is not a very difficult or complicated task. Follow the steps below, and you'll quickly create content to launch this new service for your members.

After the initial launch, you should organise a filming session weekly or monthly, to publish additional content.


Create a plan

Being organised helps you save time and get great results. This project needs time, human and financial resources to become a success.


Establish a dedicated team

Pick a few members of your team to be involved in this project. Each of them should have clear responsibilities and tasks.


Set out a workout list

Together establish the first 20 workouts that you'll be filming, taking into consideration your members' profile and your team's expertise.


Location & equipment

Choose the location where you can film the workouts - make sure it's quiet, that it looks good on camera and you have all the technical requirements. For a start, you need a video camera and a laptop.


Film the videos

Set aside a day to record test videos with all trainers. Review the videos and decide on improvements. Then set aside two or three days for actually recording the videos.


Publish the videos

The videos should be published in the platform and then set up all the details about the workouts. We recommend launching the service with at least 20 videos. This will only take a few hours.


Promote your workouts online

First, make sure all your members know about this new service so they can start using it.
Use all your communication channels to promote your videos. That way, you can recruit new members or reactivate inactive members.


Continue to create videos

After launching the new service, you must continue to create new content for members. That way, this project will expand and grow in value.
Using the document template from STEP 3, plan recording at least 10 or 15 videos every month. Then you can publish them at regular intervals.

Everything your need to know about online workouts

Frequently asked questions

It is great that you are creating online content! Videos posted on social media can contribute to your brand awareness and your marketing efforts.
Creating a dedicated section for members with video workouts can add value to your memberships, that will convince members to renew their membership and recruit new members.

The main investment is time. To record videos, you need filming equipment (you can start with a phone), a location in the gym and trainers that will performe the exercises.

The workout videos can be available to people with a member account, including former members and leads, or exclusively to members with an active membership.

The videos must be uploaded on a video hosting platform - YouTube or Vimeo. Then they are published on our platform.

The videos are displayed in the online member account and the member app.

It's an easy two-step process:
STEP 1 - promote the fact that anyone can watch the workouts if they self-register
STEP 2 - publish some of the videos free of charge, and the other only to members with an active membership

We are delighted they are part of the family

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