<br>UPfit.cloud is always evolving
New extraordinary features

UPfit.cloud is always evolving

We are constantly working on our gym management software, and we are coming up with new innovative solutions and cutting-edge features. Here is how UPfit.cloud has been improved throughout the years and what cool new things we are cooking up for the future.

Soon we will launch new features

Q1 2020

Events Module
A designated module for organising different types of events. The module will allow the check-in of the participants, online bookings and online payments for tickets.

Q2 2020

A terminal at the reception desk where members can purchase memberships online and new clients can self-register.

Q3 2020

Sports facilities
Designated module for managing sports facilities, like tennis and squash courts, with an option of online booking and online payment. Directly from your website.

We launched the modules

May 2020

Live streaming group fitness classes
In the online member account, you can live stream group fitness classes. Members have access to a dedicated schedule, they can book their classes, and they can watch recordings of past classes. This service can be available to anyone with an account or exclusively to members with an active membership.

April 2020

Online workout video library
In the online member account, you can publish workout videos with your trainers. These videos can be accessed by everyone with an account or exclusively by members with an active membership.

April 2020

Online member account
We launched the online member account - an online platform where members can log in with their email address and pin code. The member account provides access to all online services for members, including online class bookings, membership renewals, and many more features.

March 2020

Membership freeze in bulk
If your gym must close down for a longer period, you can freeze all active memberships in bulk.

January 2020

Automatic retention emails
The system sends automatic emails to expiring members. The email contains a direct online payment link for fast renewal of their membership.

November 2019

SPA module
Designated module for managing SPA, massage and physical therapy services, which includes a schedule for sessions and management of used resources.

October 2019

UPfit.team – a mobile app for trainers
We launched a new app for trainers, that helps them manage their activity at the gym.

September 2019

New Corporate feature
The possibility of automatically activate memberships with monthly invoices.

August 2019

Marketing module
A custom-made module for the marketing and sales team used to send automated emails, newsletters, SMS (texts message) and push notifications through the UPfit.today app.

July 2019

Membership sales on your site
Members can buy and pay for memberships online, directly from your website. Those who want to become members cand also create an account and purchase their first memberships with this widget.

June 2019

Membership sales through the app
Members can renew their memberships online, through the UPfit.today app, and pay for it online. Those who want to become members, can create their account using the app and purchase their first memberships.

April 2019

UPfit.cloud has its own electronic signature solution for member contracts. The documents are displayed on a special tablet, they are signed with a stylus, and then automatically sent to the member via email. They no longer need to be printed and archived.

March 2019

Integration with providers of access control solutions
UPfit.cloud is integrated with several providers of access control solutions (barriers, turnstile etc.).

February 2019

New widget designs
The online class schedule, and the GDPR and leads form got a new and improved design, with a choice of formats and colour palettes.

January 2019

Romanian language
UPfit.cloud can also be used in the Romanian language, not just in English.

December 2018

Simple invoices
UPfit.cloud also issues simple fiscal invoices that have no connection with member contracts.

December 2018

Invoices for product sales
Our software generates fiscal invoices for product sales.

November 2018

Petty cash register
UPfit.cloud automatically issues the petty cash register.

October 2018

App news
Gyms integrated into UPfit.today can publish news directly in the app.

September 2018

We launched UPfit.today, a free member app for our partner gyms.

August 2018

Cash register integration
UPfit is fully integrated with DATECS DP-25 and DATECS FP700 cash register.

May 2018

Online tools
We launched several widgets for your website: Group Fitness class schedule with an online booking option, "Become a member" forms.

May 2018

GDPR update
UPfit.cloud is fully GDPR compliant. We are providing GDPR request forms for your website.

April 2018

Help Center update
We updated the Help Center section in UPfit with new how-to articles and videos about every single feature of our software.

March 2018

New reports on memberships and sales
You can export reports about expiring members, and about sales activity in a specific time frame.

January 2018

Streamlined payment process
The cash or card payment process at the reception desk is faster. You can sell a membership in under a minute.

December 2017

Gantner integration
Our software is fully integrated with automated access equipment provided by Gantner.

November 2017

Interface update
UPfit.cloud has a new and modern design, and all main tasks are streamlined.

October 2017

Inventory management
Product inventory is a lot easier to manage in real-time, you can increase and decrease stocks faster, and UPfit issues the necessary documents for each process.

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