Expand your gym and increase profit with a software that you can trust
Easy to use and smart

Expand your gym and increase profit with a software that you can trust

UPfit.cloud means a smart management platform, fast online services for members, and mobile apps that are truly useful

Upfit.cloud is a management software for gyms and health & fitness clubs of all sizes. It is meant to help gyms grow and enhance their business. All our software’s features are created by a team with long experience in the fitness industry. Their purpose ist o streamline daily activities and reinforce your relationship with members. That way, you have all the tools you need to manage your gym in one place: operational, financial, online services for members, and marketing.

With our platform, you can provide members with effective online services, without additional investments.

We are here to support you in creating a gym where everybody loves to train.

UPfit provides a sophisticated database with all your members’ data, which you can access in seconds. Each member has a custom profile page, which is automatically created based on the information you collect from them. You can take their photo using a webcam, and the picture is automatically saved in the software. You can access any data you need about any member with just a couple of clicks.

Check-in with the member card or a QR code

You can check-in a member just by swiping their member card through the magnetic or RFID card reader. You can also check-in members using the QR code from the UPfit.today mobile app. The system displays the member’s profile with all the relevant information, including their membership status, their class bookings and their PT sessions booked that day. The profile has shortcuts for selling memberships and clipcards in just a few seconds or for printing a new member card.

Reception Module

You have all the information about your members in one place, including membership and clipcard history, notes with particular info, the club access history. Here, you also have access to information about members' company, if any, to all the documents that have not been signed and more.

Unlimited number of members

UPfit allows singing up an unlimited number of members, and this does not influence the cost of the software.


We take excellent care of personal data, and we are fully GDPR compliant. You can check the history of updates or data export from UPfit at any time, and you can log all GDPR requests directly into the software.

Members reports

You have a real-time overview of all sold memberships, expiring members, unpaid memberships, sold service clipcards or any other data you are interested in.

Assign a locker automatically

With the Lockers module, you can assign a particular locker cabinet when you check-in a member. That way, you always know which locker is used by whom, and the system displays an alert if a member left the gym with the locker key. Therefore, you can , and you have greater control over the entire locker room, without having to invest too much in access control equipment.
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Set up your group fitness schedule with maximum speed

Stop wasting time setting up the Group Fitness schedule. UPfit creates it automatically, based on your class settings. You can create a long-term schedule just as easy, color-coded according to the class type.

Create class & instructor lists immediately

You can set an unlimited number of instructors and classes, grouped into different categories, which are marked distinctly in the schedule. For each class, you can set up the room, day and hour, and you can multiply it until a specific date in the future.

Automatic group fitness schedule

The group fitness schedule is created automatically, based on the classes you set up. The schedule can be displayed by day or by week, with all class info, and it can be extended until a specific date in the future. You can update or remove any class with just one click, straight from the schedule.

Complete history

You can see the complete history of classes and instructors’ activity at any time. There is also a full history of updates regarding classes or schedules.

Class bookings

Your members can book their favorite group fitness classes quickly, you can set up waiting lists, and those who can no longer participate in a booked class can cancel their bookings.

Class attendance is so much simpler

Before the class starts, members can confirm their attendance with a ticket printed automatically from UPfit. Class attendance is so much simpler and efficient.

Personal Training made simple

With UPfit you can manage your trainers’ activity effortlessly. You can log their PT sessions and set up trainer schedules according to group fitness schedules.

Schedule PT sessions with a couple of clicks

Even trainers can schedule their sessions directly into the software.

Check up on trainers’ activity at any time

You can check in real-time all PT sessions and export activity reports for monthly closings.

Client lists for every trainer

Each trainer can check their client list and see how many unused PT sessions each have left.

PT sessions in key with the group fitness schedule

PT sessions cannot be scheduled if that trainer already has a group fitness class scheduled at the same time.

Online services and mobile apps for members and trainers

With UPfit you can grant your members and your trainers the freedom to manage their gym activity and therefore save time and money. You have everything you need at your fingertips, from free mobile apps to online bookings features custom-made for your gym’s website.

Mobile app for members

We provide a mobile app (Android & iOS), specifically designed for your members. They can use it to book classes, cancel bookings, check up on their memberships and schedule info. They can even check-in just with the app, instead of using their member card.
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Sell memberships online

Your members can buy their memberships online, straight from the app, using their bank card. Moreover, you can sell memberships online from your gym's website, through our dedicated widget. In both cases, the member can renew their membership in seconds. If someone wants to become a member of your gym, they can create a member account and purchase their first membership on the spot.
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Group fitness schedule on your website

You can embed your group fitness schedule into your gym’s website with virtually no effort. The schedule is updated automatically, in real-time, and allows your members to book their favorite classes online. They can even cancel their bookings on your website, just using their email address and a unique pincode.
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Lead forms

We provide special forms for leads (“Become a member” pages) for your website. All the information they collect is logged automatically into your UPfit database, where you can manage it as you please.

Mobile app for trainers and instructors

Personal trainers and class instructors have access to a dedicated mobile app. This app displays all the UPfit.cloud sections that are connected to their activity. From the app, they can set their availability, they can schedule and cancel PT sessions, and they have access to the group fitness class schedule.
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Rigorous control over your gym

You can check up on your gym’s results and earnings at any given moment. UPfit displays an overview for any info you might need, from sales status in a specific day to membership status. You won’t need any other software for documents since all the necessary paperwork is issued directly from UPfit.

Check your gym’s results at any time

You can check up on your gym at any moment: sales status in a particular day or during a specific time frame, unpaid memberships, expiring members, clipcards, the activity of all your trainers, instructors, and sales managers, or any other data you might need.

Contract addendums are automatically generated

For any updates made to memberships or clipcards, UPfit automatically generates an addendum to that particular contract. The updates can be done manually as well, straight from the platform and the update history is logged in the software, and it can be checked at any time.

Detailed reports

You can export detailed reports about any result or status, just by clicking a button.

No other management software required

The platform immediately issues all the necessary documents, after every task – member contracts for memberships and service clipcards, custom-made with your gym’s logo, invoices, and fiscal receipts.

E-signature module

With the E-signature module, you can sign member contracts on a special tab. All documents are electronically saved, including the signatures, and you don't have to print them. The member receives their contract automatically, via email, with all signatures. They can also access it at any given moment, in the member app.
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Efficient commerce

UPfit provides valuable tools for a more efficient selling process. With our platform, even inventory management is a breeze.

Product sales module

Sell a wide range of products in your gym with our Point of Sale tool. Search products using their names or their barcodes, edit a price while selling a product and check up on all sales status in real-time.

Fiscal printer integration

Whether you sell products or just memberships, with cash, bank card or bank wire, UPfit automatically generates a fiscal receipt or an invoice. UPfit is fully integrated with DATECS cash registers and fiscal printers.

Petty cash register

The software issues the petty cash register in real-time. You can register accounting reports, according to your needs.

Easy to manage inventory

You can check your inventory in real-time, load or unload items into your stock, for one or several locations. For each process, UPfit automatically generates the necessary documentation.

Manage an unlimited number of gyms

No matter how many gyms you have in your network, you can manage all of them using a single UPfit account, even if you have clubs in different states or countries.

Setup for each gym

No matter how many gyms you own, we configure all of them up into your UPfit account, including all their membership types, services, documentation and any other relevant information.

User accounts with different access

User accounts can have custom made permissions and access to only specific modules of the platform.

Multi-Location Management

We can set up gyms in different states, or countries, with different currencies, time zones and VAT values, all in the same UPfit account.

One UPfit account to service all your gyms

All your gyms and fitness clubs, including their members, are registered into one single UPfit account. That way, you can allow your members to check-in in different locations using the same member card and network membership, and your teams can access information from any other gym in your network.

Awesome marketing and sales tools

Your marketing & sales team will be elated to work with our custom-made tools that will streamline their work and improve their results.

Lead database

Keep a tight record of your potential clients using our lead tools. For each potential client, UPfit automatically creates a profile page using the information you gather. When this lead purchases their first membership, their profile page is automatically transformed into a member profile.

Email free trials

You can provide your members with trial memberships that they can email directly to their friends. Each email contains a unique voucher code used to activate the trial membership.

Automated emails, text messages (SMS) and push notifications through the app

UPfit has a custom-made marketing module designed for gyms and fitness chains. You can send automated e-mails, newsletters, text messages (SMS) or push notifications through UPfit.today.

Corporate module

You can set up custom contracts for companies. That way, their employees have access to special prices for memberships. Our platform issues all the necessary documentation for corporate contracts.

Referral system for your members

Encourage your members to recommend your gyms to their loved ones. All new clients referred to by a particular member are registered in said member’s profile.

Cutting-edge tools and extra services

Surprise your members with state-of-the-art equipment and tools, which will also streamline work at the reception desk. Provide extra services and facilities, which you can manage directly from UPfit.

KIOSK terminal

An interactive terminal meant to help your team at the reception desk. With the member card or the QR code from the app, members can register their class attendance and print their attendance ticket. Also, they can use the KIOSK to book other classes or cancel their bookings.

Custom-made member platform

We provide a custom-made member platform embedded into your website. There, your members can manage their activity on their own, book classes, cancel bookings, buy memberships, and watch online workout videos and live classes.

Integrations with access control system providers

UPfit.cloud has several integrations with automatic systems, from both local and international providers. They allow club access via turnstiles and RFID bracelets.

7card and FITIO integrations

UPfit.cloud is the only management system for gyms integrated with 7card and FITIO. That means you can check-in 7card and FITIO members directly in UPfit.cloud, without the need of additional software. You can also download reports on 7card and FITIO accesses. These members can also book classes using the schedule widget, using their account information.

Manage SPA, massage and physiotherapy services

You can efficiently manage SPA, wellness and physical therapy services you provide in your gym. You can create a designated schedule for bookings for these services. Your can schedule sessions for non-members, and you can easily manage the materials used during SPA sessions.

Manage sports facilities

You can seamlessly manage activities on your tennis and squash courts, on football fields and more. You can create a designated schedule for these services. Your members can book a court and pay for it online, directly on your website.

Excellent support for you and your team

UPfit is intuitive and easy to learn management software, particularly crafted for gyms and health & fitness chains. Our support team knows the software inside out and is happy to give you a hand any time you need, straight from the platform. We also have a marketing team specialised in the fitness industry, which can help you with advice, strategies and resources to promote your business better.

Support tickets from UPfit

No matter the problem, any user can open a support ticket straight from UPfit. In that ticket, you can describe the issue and attach screen grabs and photos. Users can also track the status of their tickets.

Help Center

UPfit has a massive Help Center accessible to every user. Here you’ll find detailed articles and video tutorials about every single UPfit feature.

Free updates and new features

We regularly update and improve our platform. We love to develop new features that we provide to our clients for free, automatically. Depending on the new features, we also send notifications about the updates and explain how to use them more efficiently.

Support through AnyDesk

For those who need additional support services, our support team provides guidance through AnyDesk or by phone, during working hours, to immediately identify the problem.

Multilingual user interface

At the moment, UPfit.cloud's interface is in English, Romanian and Serbian. We are currently working on adding other international languages.

Marketing and business recommendations

Our Growth Marketing team is specialised in the fitness industry, and it can provide resources, advice and special courses, that will help you promote your gym more efficient and increase your retention rate.

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