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How to keep your members interested during your gym's multiple shutdowns

How to keep your members interested during your gym's multiple shutdowns
Written by ALEXANDRA Published on 2020-12-01 5 minutes read

Unfortunately, these times don't provide much certainty to the fitness sector, and changes in the population's COVID-19 infection rate can lead to the sudden shutdown of clubs. Due to these changes, it is not exactly simple for fitness gyms to keep their members interested in their services. Especially if they are not always sure if they can come to the gym or not.

Even without these sudden shutdowns, the clubs' activity has been affected due to restrictions and the limited number of members allowed on-premises.

To maintain members' interest, gyms have found themselves needing to adopt various strategies to keep their members interested in fitness and their services. There are many creative ways to stay in touch with members even when your club is not open, from video workouts and live-streamed classes to PT sessions through video conferences.

Live-streamed classes

Regardless of your club's status, I kindly suggest you try organizing live-streamed group classes if you haven't done that already. Many gyms have decided to hold those classes straight on Facebook since it's easier. The problem with this solution is that it's not exclusive to members, and anyone with a Facebook account can join those classes.

The most exciting solution is fitness group classes on Zoom. Not only can you easily restrict access so only members can enter, but also the instructor can see the members himself. Thus the class becomes more interactive and brings it closer to the experience people are used to at the club.

Video workout library

It's possible that members of your club are not available at the time your classes are scheduled. But that doesn't mean they don't want to maintain their physical shape. For those individuals, you can create a library containing video workouts performed by your trainers.

Aim for exercises that don't require complicated equipment and can be done straight out of the living room. Then, you can move on to activities that require gym equipment.

This library is not only for members that cannot come to the gym. It can also be for members who train on their own. You can even create a category of videos just for them.

PT sessions by video conference

You can sell PT sessions even when your club is shut down. Trainers can help members train through different free video conference platforms, like Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime.

This system can be more at hand to members since they don't need to come to the gym and, therefore, don't cease their training completely. But, of course, it is possible that not all members will be interested in such services. Still, with a simple discount, you will surely find more customers than you think.

Launch a newsletter

A weekly newsletter or even a bi-monthly one is an excellent method to keep in touch with your club members. Thus, you can keep them informed about the club's status, if they are allowed in the gym or not, what the terms and rules are. In addition, you can send them advice on training and nutrition and other helpful information.

Laying the foundations for such a direct communications channel will make it much easier for you to promote membership and services deals when needed.

You don't need to rely on Facebook's algorithm of displaying posts or on the availability of your members to visit your club.

Keep in touch with your members through SMS or the app

Besides e-mail, text messages or the mobile app are other excellent methods to create a direct communication channel with your club members. But this doesn't mean that you send them text messages and push notifications on the app only when you have something to sell. For example, send messages to inform them about your club's status or when something changes at the gym.

You can also send positive reinforcements or various messages to thank them for being by your club's and your community's side. Let's not forget about birthdays or name days. All those little gestures will make the member feel closer to the club and the community, even if they can't physically join the gym.

Member app

More frequent but shorter classes in the schedule

Restrictions regarding the number of participants in classes have undoubtedly affected the smooth running of the club. That's why you could also consider shortening classes and increasing their number. Thus, you are giving more members the chance to train in classes during the day.

Besides, many people work from home and maybe would appreciate a half-hour yoga session in the morning or noon, especially if they live nearby. Thus, not only do you avoid overcrowding during rush hours, but you also offer more options to your members.

Hold outdoor classes

Even if the weather is not exactly favorable, you can hold a few classes outdoors. Choose active classes that put the blood in motion, and the cold will be easier to bear. You can have running sessions through the park or in a suitable area where the participants can maintain social distance. Let's not forget that cycling can also be done in nature with bicycles on two wheels.

You only need a little creativity and energy to keep up with your members.

Launch challenges on social media

Think of as many fitness challenges as possible and challenge your Facebook or Instagram page's fans to carry them out. It could be a large number of crunches, squats, or any other objectives.

Don't forget to reward the fans with the best results. And a one-month free membership at the club is the best gift. Not only will you satisfy the participants, but with a bit of effort, those who win could turn into loyal members who will renew their earned membership.

Promote a positive future

Regardless of how hard things get in these moments, it's important to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel.

Health and sport are becoming a priority for everyone. The fitness industry can have a very bright future if it manages to overcome this nefarious period.

You need to inspire the same sentiment to your members as well. No matter how difficult the situation is now, eventually, they will be able to return to the club in normal circumstances and enjoy all the services you provide. Promote such positive messages on all your communications channels to create a sentiment of anticipation. Thus, when you reopen your gym, the members will be more eager to return.

A quick catch-up...

Although with the current climate, it is not exactly easy to maintain a close relationship with club members, try to implement at least part of the advice above. Thus, you will remain in your clients' consciousness, and they will not forget about you or look for alternatives when they want to train.

From online classes and virtual workouts to special messages to members, with a little bit of effort, you will be able to keep your members motivated and even obtain part of your regular income in a difficult time.


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