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How to attract inactive members back to your fitness club

How to attract inactive members back to your fitness club
Written by COSMIN Published on 2023-04-03 3 minutes read

Let's talk a little about inactive members! Not the ones who don't come to the gym very often, but the members who had an active subscription at one point but didn't renew it.

Why contact old members? Because you have nothing to lose, but you have a lot to gain.

As you talk to them, you will see that most of those who quit did so for financial or personal reasons and less because they are not satisfied with your club.

This means that you have at your disposal a group of potential clients who are already convinced of the quality of your services. That means they are much easier to convince than any potential new member.

From a sales perspective, it's much easier to sell a product or service to a former customer than to a new one who may not have heard of you.

Many members form a habit of going to the same gym because it is familiar to them. And if they've given up the habit, it doesn't necessarily mean they wouldn't want to go back. They just need a push from you.

How to contact inactive members

Don't worry. You don't have to make super offers for all the members who have dropped out. Instead, you can send them an email reminding them of your gym's services.

You can text them or even call them to ask why they don't want to attend the gym anymore. You will find that most of their answers are not related to your business.

At the same time, you can use this feedback to set up marketing and sales campaigns focusing on former members. That way, you won't be promoting the same old message you've used for the past few years, but you'll be able to emphasize the aspects that members are interested in now.

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Use personal trainers

Whether we're talking about attracting members who have frozen their membership, older members or even new leads, your personal trainers are the ace up your sleeve when it comes to getting them to come back to the club.

How? Let me show you for each member type separately.

Contact members who haven't been to the club in a long time, and before you try to sell them something, find out why they haven't been to the gym.

Most will answer that they have lost motivation, already have plans, or lost their habit of going. Offer them a free assessment session with a trainer. Schedule it with them over the phone and ensure the assigned trainer will follow up with the member a few hours later.

Furthermore, the trainer should maintain contact with them at least once every two days until the day of the appointment.

Send all members that dropped out an email and a text message letting them know they can get a free assessment session, even if their membership has expired.

Include leads in this campaign (those who have expressed interest but haven't purchased a membership. Offer them free assessment sessions or one-day memberships to test your services and understand how the gym works.

Once the former member returns to your club, the most difficult step has been taken, both from your point of view and his. However, if the trainer has a helpful conversation and helps them organize some achievable goals, the chances of that person returning to the gym and becoming an active member are very high.

Plus, leads using a free trial are already interested in going to the gym, so all you have to do is convince them that your club is the best choice.


Fitness Club Business UAE
Fitness Club Business UAE

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