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5 marketing campaign ideas for your fitness center this summer

5 marketing campaign ideas for your fitness center this summer
Written by ALEXANDRA Published on 2023-05-22 2 minutes read

As temperatures rise, it's time to gear up for the summer season. We all know that summer months are the "slowest" for a fitness club, not because people exercise a lot, but because members prefer going on vacation rather than hitting the gym.

So, it's crucial to plan ahead for campaigns that will attract as many members as possible and, of course, promote them frequently.

If you're still out of ideas for this summer, here are five suggestions that may come in handy.

PT session packages for the next 3 months

Create bundles of 20 or 24 personal training sessions valid for three months and promote them among those who want to stay in shape while on vacation. Offer a discount compared to the rest of the PT session packages or throw in a few free sessions.

PT sessions are a fantastic way to reach your desired weight or tone up for the holiday weeks, especially for members who haven't made it to the gym enough this year. This way, you not only draw members to the gym, but also promote your most profitable services.

6 – 8 week programs

If you haven't tried such offers already, now is the perfect time to start. Together with your trainers, set up 6 or 8 week transformation programs, either 1-on-1 or for small groups of members.

During these programs, the trainer can even provide nutritional advice or even meal plans, so members see significant results by the end of the program.

Trial memberships for new members

Attract new members with trial memberships of a few days. Publish a page dedicated to this offer on your club's website, where interested parties can leave their contact information in a form to receive such a membership.

While most gyms offer one-day passes, my suggestion is to extend it to three or four days. This way, your offer will stand out from the competition, and if the potential client comes more than once, you have a better chance of converting them into a member.

Online payments

Special price memberships for outdoor classes

If you've already tried organizing outdoor group classes or even set up an outdoor gym area, offer special memberships that only allow access to these services.

Generally, such arrangements exclude access to all machines or locker rooms, which means you can charge lower fees than regular memberships. Both the special price and the idea of outdoor training could be more appealing to hesitant members or even new ones.

Open door days

Host open-day events as often as possible. To make them attractive, offer free access only to certain categories of people. For example, on June 1, you can organize group classes where members' children can access for free. Or, on August 15, Saint Mary's Day, offer free access to people named Maria or Marian.

By adding a touch of exclusivity to these events, you'll more easily catch the eye of those who might be interested in your fitness club, and the event will stand out from other similar ones.

Regardless of what kind of campaigns you'll organize this summer, don't forget to promote them frequently. Post banners on your club's website and try to run some paid ads on Facebook and Instagram.


Fitness Club Business UAE
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