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How to improve personal training at your gym

How to improve personal training at your gym
Written by GEORGE Published on 2023-05-01 4 minutes read

Personal training is one of the most expensive services you can offer at your gym. I'm assuming this isn't news to you.

The higher price tag is often the main factor that discourages members from investing in these services. After all, they can work out on their own, following exercises they find on YouTube, or if they're feeling brave, attend a few group classes.

Well, this type of thinking is flawed, and I don't think I need to explain why.

Create a dedicated onboarding process

So, how do you convince members that PT sessions are actually a great investment for both their health and long-term gym activity? Just like you convince potential clients to become members - with a dedicated onboarding process.

The personal trainer must be involved in this process since they are the ones who have direct contact with the member. How a trainer presents and coordinates PT services will have a huge impact on the number of sessions the member will buy and their level of loyalty.

It's essential for the trainer to develop a close relationship with the member, so they are convinced to use their purchased sessions as frequently as possible, and at the end of it, see the results obtained from these workouts and truly understand their value. Otherwise, the member will not continue to buy such sessions.

Therefore, check how members of your gym purchase PT session packages and try to improve this process.

Keep in mind that the onboarding process doesn't start when the member pays for the sessions, but when you start convincing them to buy.

That's why it's essential to develop a detailed plan, not only to promote these services more effectively but also to make the member understand their true value.

Create a special contract for PT services

The contract for Personal Training sessions is different from the one for gym memberships because the services are different. Therefore, carefully go through the terms and conditions and make the necessary modifications regarding the PT sessions.

For example, what happens if the member doesn't attend the scheduled session or cancels it a few minutes before it starts? Do they get the session back or is it considered used?

It's very important to have these details in the contract for PT sessions so that you avoid any legal issues or member dissatisfaction.

Don't forget to present these conditions to the trainers so they know exactly what the member can and cannot do since they will likely be the ones enforcing these rules.

Improve the process of selling PT sessions

How do you sell PT sessions at your gym? If you only do it at the reception, how does the member choose a trainer, especially if they haven't worked out with any before?

If you want to sell as many PT sessions as possible, it's important to make the buying process as simple, convenient, and easy as possible. And that includes choosing a trainer.

Under no circumstances should you let the reception randomly assign a trainer, as this will cause dissatisfaction from both members and trainers.

Offer members the option to buy PT session packages online and choose their favorite trainer by publishing information about each one. This way, you leave no room for dissatisfaction.

And if you want to increase sales quickly, let the trainers sell sessions without relying on the reception, and pay them a commission from these sales.

Trainer app

Offer members assessment sessions

To better understand what a personal training session means, offer members a free assessment session included in their membership. This way, the member will have the opportunity to talk to a trainer and see exactly what such a session entails and how it helps.

This evaluation session should also be included in PT packages and used to precisely determine the client's goals and physical condition.

During this session, an evaluation questionnaire is completed, and every 3 months, a new free session can be provided in which the trainer measures the client's results and discusses their training plan.

This way, the member can easily see how they're progressing and what the benefits of the training sessions are.

Develop a dedicated sales scenario

If you don't have sales scenarios for your gym's sales department yet, then it's time to develop them. If you only have them for members with gym memberships, then you must create one for those who train with a PT.

It doesn't have to be something very complicated. Send a few automated emails explaining how PT sessions work, tips for the best personal training, and a reminder or two when the member is about to use up all their session package.

All of these touchpoints will encourage the member to invest in PT sessions and use them as often as possible. Also, an automated email or notification scenario ensures that all members who train with PTs receive the same information about their activity, and you don't have to leave this responsibility exclusively on the trainers' shoulders.

Of course, as I mentioned earlier, the trainer's involvement is essential in this regard, but you can compensate or complement their activity with these actions.

And one last piece of advice - don't neglect the PT services you can offer in your gym. These services can bring in surprisingly high profits and require fewer resources than, for example, group classes. For PT services, you only need a few good trainers and a coherent and straightforward way to attract and retain members.


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